Spyder-esque (and clone*) Select-Fire Mod

According to this email I'm not the first person to get these but I think it's the first time it's available to the public (unless someone else has it up or invented it a long time ago in which case I'm making myself look stupid saying this). these plans were supposed to be included on a bunch of different guns ready for release in the last couple years but due to slackers and some other lame people it wasnt included in production.

This mod requires drilling into the handle of the gun, then placing a pin in the newly drilled hole. When the pin is in, hold down the trigger for auto and press the trigger once for a 3 shot burst. You can take the pin back out and the gun will go semi-auto like usual. You also will need a VL Revolutionary Loader or the eVLoution Loader as you do for any other auto firing gun.


The following instructions may be a little hard to follow. (they are for me) First to check if your Spyder has the ability to become full auto, you must stop the gun from re-cocking. To do this you have to jam something behind the sear. I used a one half inch nut and a little less than a three fourths of an inch piece of plastic. You have to shave the piece of plastic down to fit the gun the right way that will enable you to still pull the trigger back with ease. I guess you really do not have to test your gun first, because if it does not fire full auto than it probably not been properly oiled.

To make the gun full auto you have to drill a hole through the trigger frame in order to insert a pin in it (whenever you feel like shooting full auto) , to prevent the striker bolt (a.k.a. piston) from re-cocking onto the sear. The inserted pin does not allow the sear to re-cock when you hold the trigger down fully. To drill the hole I recommend using a tap drill size of 47 (.078) or smaller, make sure to tap it first so you dont have a drillbit that wanders all over the place, or just in case you drill the hole off a bit you can correct it with a bigger drill. Where to place this hole varies from gun to gun. The easiest way to find your drilling location is to look a the sear, mark on the trigger frame where its farthest point is located, than pull it back and mark that location, and your drilling hole should be in about the middle of these marks. You also must take in account when you are drilling, that the sear also will be rocking on the pin you insert so the sear must have enough space to be able to rock on the pin, so you will be able to pull the trigger. I found it works best when you drill it right where the sear pulls half way back and on the back of the sear where it drops off. I'm pretty sure that this will be easy for you if you can make almost the entire gun by yourself.

If you still don't get it (I didn't) look closely and it'll come to you... ...now basically to sum it up... You just drill a small hole in your grip frame in the right place, put a pin in there, and this sorta' "blocks" the sear and allows the gun to go auto! This is the same sorta' thing that happens when your low on air and go auto for a second, the gun doesn't fully re-cock. One really cool thing as he mentioned is that you can make it select-fire or not by placing or removing the pin. This is even better than select fire on an Angel (sorta' in that you don't have to open up the gun to change it ]:) and you dont have to spend a grand on a paintball marker) The only downside is that the gun will be really (REALLY!) fast (please email us if you can solve this) and to avoid chopping paint you will probably need a motorized loader (or for you mcgyver types, maybe even a homemade one, if anyone has plans send em' in!). This mod should work with Spyders and any similar marker

* for you joker owners.. find a busted ass grip frame to try this on first.. because if you dont want this feature its better to find out before you butcher your grip.